TrakRite ERP

"Big Data with no insights has little or no value!"


TrakRite ERP was designed for Back Office shipping and logistic departments to collect (Data Collection) and store (Data Archival) ALL RELEVANT DATA associated with every job, product, media capture or Murphy’s Law mishap that moves from loading dock to jobsite. In essence, tracking pertinent data saves money and reduces unforeseen expenses.

Once stored, all archived material is well-organized, formatted and never purged or deleted. This historical data can be retrieved quickly by date range [year or month] and offer vital insights as companies compete aggressively in today’s digital marketplace.

Best of all, unlike traditional ERP systems, TrakRite ERP is another out-of-the-box solution from COSCO Software that requires no set up, training or expensive on-site implementation fees.

With the TrakRite ERP Combo starting at just $1,750.00, we wanted to eliminate price as the deciding factor when considering this technology. In addition, we also offer in-house financing from two to twelve months.