TrakRite ERP - Data Collection - Key Features

  • Comma Delimited (CSV) Files - Simply import a .csv file created by the front office and TrakRite ERP is ready-to-go.
  • Employee/Manager Assignment - Tracks employees & managers throughout the entire loading, unloading or installing process to hold them accountable for their actions.
  • Truck Assignment - Assign trucks by job or product globally or individually to help determine if damages incurred during transit were the result of the vehicle or driver.
  • Product Status Assignment - Monitor each product status by checked, damaged, missing, rejected or pending to allow for prompt action when situations warrant. Helps prevent trucks from leaving with incomplete loads.
  • Stages - Tracks all relevant data per job & product stages sorted by loading, unloading or installing.
  • Elapsed Times - Tracks overall elapsed loading, unloading & installing times to verify employee/manager productivity, truck driver delivery times or installation crew’s performance.
  • Information - Stores job description and destination, all notes addressing problems during loading, unloading or installing or places for each manager to sign-off and assume responsibility for each stage.

A simple toggle icon swtiches between English and Spanish
Importing comma delimited (CSV) files
Product classifications while loading unloading or installing
Damaged item highlighted in red
Info page on damaged base with notes and manager sign-off
Split & routed back to shop for re-do
All elapsed times and stages are totalled and listed complete
Assigning trucks globally or individually per product
Assigning managers and employees per stage