TrakRite ERP - Data Archival - Key Features

  • Totals Overview - Displays all job and product data sorted by date range in (7) pre-determined charts and graphs. TrakRite ERP puts all this BIG DATA at a user’s fingertips for immediate analysis or action.
  • Totals Breakdown - This tab allows for viewing all jobs, statuses and stages sorted by date range to determine what factors influenced over-all productivity.
  • Times Overview - Allows for easy analysis of loading, unloading & installing times grouped by total, shortest, average or longest duration by date range. Aids in determining where bottlenecks exist and need to be eliminated.
  • Times Breakdown - This grouping shows data filtered by project name, completion dates along with all stage total times to see at-a-glance which jobs were completed on or over estimated times.
  • Do-Overs - Do-Overs is an invaluable tool to help analyze after-the-fact how many products were damaged during transit and had to be re-made. This can aid in performance evaluations and isolating problem areas between loading dock and jobsite.
  • Information - All pertinent information recoded during Data Collection is imported and saved for easy retrieval for customer service when clients call complaining.
  • Media - Unique place to store and link all associated pictures and videos taken per project should the need arise in the future to validate job completion or offset finger-pointing and complaints.

Pyramid chart totals by date range
Individual job & product breakdown
Media assigned to job
3D totals overview by date range
Unloading totals breakdown by year
Individual job with products overview
Times overview by year
3D clustered overview by date range
Re-do item and time replaced
Re-do list by individual job