NuVu 3D is a revolutionary 3D software developed by COSCO Software that allows users to bridge the limitations of traditional CAD programs and take complete control over how products are displayed. It opens up a new range of product/part manipulations and exploded views that are done Live and in Real-Time by using simple mouse clicks!

Because our customers require Non-Disclosure Agreements, we cannot show examples of products with internal parts engineered with proprietary design but do have their approval to preview external, rotating views of some of their finished products. Some of these target markets include: Valves, Pumps, Pipeline and Controls.


 v1.6 GateValve v1.6 P200Pump  v1.6 ShearPlug  v1.6 D Epic2 
Smith Wanner Engineering Plidco Westlock Controls


Unlike traditional 3D animations where actions are preset and cannot be modified, NuVu 3D is dynamic where Nothing Is Static. This next generation in 3D modeling opens many new applications for sales, presentations, trade shows, and training with revolutionary, one-of-a-kind technology.

To watch these NuVu 3D videos, just click on any of the different modules listed below: